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Social media personality “Tracybeanz” recently had the rare opportunity to sit down with #WalkAway campaign founder Brandon Straka – a really busy man these days – and engage in an in-depth interview, which you can watch in its entirety at

If you’re interested in hearing about how Straka, a self-identified homosexual, went from being a staunchly liberal Democrat to a full-fledged Republican – and one who now actively encourages others like his former self to “walk away” from the Left as well – you won’t want to miss this powerful interview.

Contrary to the leftist narrative, there are actually many Democrats out there who are feeling completely disenfranchised with their own party. They recognize that it’s trekked so far into lunatic land that they can no longer, in good conscience, support its platform or it leadership.

But many of them have also been fearful to jump ship, because doing so would mean being hated, ostracized, and even persecuted by the remaining new-breed Left that only tolerates its own viewpoints. With Straka leading the charge, however, this is all rapidly changing.

“I’m so excited that people are responding to #WalkAway,” says Straka during the interview, explaining that his campaign has become so popular so quickly that he can hardly keep up with all of the new developments.

“I don’t really even know which is better: the people on the Left who are reaching out to me saying, ‘thank you so much for creating this platform for us to feel embraced and encouraged to do something we’ve wanted to do for a long time,’ or the people on the Right who are reaching out to me on a daily basis and giving me messages that say, ‘I haven’t had hope in eight years, or 10 years, and I finally have hope again.'”


#WalkAway isn’t necessarily about becoming a conservative – it’s about walking away from the Democrats and never looking back

You might not know this, but Straka’s #WalkAway movement isn’t necessarily about walking to the Republican party. As many of our readers already well know, Republicans – and especially the “neo-con” element – are arguably just as corrupt as Democrats in this regard, and need their own “walk away” movement.

It’s more about simply walking away from the Democratic Party and never looking back, which is something that Straka sees as being perhaps even more important than knowing where this departure might lead.

“You’ve got to figure that out because it’s your journey,” says Straka about what he tells people when they ask him where they should walk to.

“I’m not starting a religion; I’m not starting a cult; and I’m not planning to start a new political party … for me to tell anyone what to do is completely counterintuitive to what the campaign is about because I’m walking away from the groupthink; I’m walking away from the tribal mentality.”

In Straka’s case, he ultimately decided that the Republican Party, despite all of its problems, was the place for him. But this decision didn’t happen overnight, nor was it one that he took lightly. Straka says it took him “months of introspection and months of research” to figure out where to go, and he encourages others to take this same approach.

“You don’t have to end up in the same place,” Straka says concerning his own personal decision to convert to being a Republican.

“Stop just going along with the anger and the rage narrative and the hostility and all of this crap that’s going on with the Left right now … I don’t think that most people even realize what they’re upset about; they’re just upset. And so much of what they’re upset about is based off of false media narratives.”

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