Biological DELUSIONS of the Left: Washington state may allow new parents to request gender-less birth certificates for newborns

It’s almost depressing how hard conservatives have to work just to convince their fellow Americans that there are only two genders. The liberals drag us back to this topic time and time again because of their refusal to accept basic science and biology. Worse still, they are nearly impossible to educate. Nevertheless, conservatives will never stop being advocates for the truth.

In the state of Washington, parents may soon be able to choose to classify their newborn children as simply “X” rather than “male” or “female” on birth certificates. If the proposed change is approved, it could go into effect as early as next year. The people of Washington have mixed feelings about the proposal, as roughly 1,000 comments both in support of the change and against the change have already poured into the state department of health.

“More people are identifying as a gender other than a male or female and there’s growing demand for non-binary sex designations on all identity documents, including birth certificates,” said the health department’s Christie Spice.

In addition to the birth certificates, the state of Washington is also considering a measure that would allow residents to choose the “X” designation for state ID cards, following the lead of states like California and Oregon. (Related: There has been a huge increase in the number of children being indoctrinated with gender identity propaganda.)

Sadly, this nonsense about choosing your own gender based on how you feel on the inside is a warped mentality that is now infecting virtually every level of American society. The United States military is no exception.

On Monday, a federal judge denied a request from the Trump administration to delay an order that would require the military to begin accepting transgender individuals on January 1st, arguing that the president’s request for more time was based on “vague claims.”

“The Court is not persuaded that Defendants will be irreparably injured by” meeting the January 1st deadline, wrote U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, adding, “With only a brief hiatus, Defendants have had the opportunity to prepare for the accession of transgender individuals into the military for nearly one and a half years” since the proposal was first introduced back in June of 2016. Although the ruling doesn’t explicitly permit transgenders in the military, it has certainly brought our country one step closer to just that.

But one of the central arguments against allowing transgender individuals to join the military has to do with basic biology, which ironically is the very thing those who support the proposal reject. Obviously, there are different standards for men and women in the military, given that biological men tend to be physically stronger than biological women. Allowing transgenders to enlist in the military would force the United States government to completely rework these standards since basic biology (and the physical attributes that come along with it) would be thrown out the window.

This is just one of the many reasons why it is much easier to keep things the way that they always have been, with two genders and two genders only: Male and female. If you were born with male genitalia then you are a male, and if you were born with female genitalia then you are a female. Furthermore, if your child was born a male then you mark “male” on their birth certificate, and if they were born a female then you mark “female” on their birth certificate. The same standards should be applied to the military recruitment process as well, and, quite frankly, the process of choosing what bathroom to use.

Put simply, basic science and biology should be the basis on which our society makes laws and decisions, not how people may “feel” on the inside. That is utterly ridiculous.

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